Saturday, November 5, 2011

Our homeschool curriculum

Originally the idea was, that I was going to teach everything in Arabic and that my wife would teach everything in English.  We would have two math classes, two science classes, two of everything, but that shortly became more than we could handle.  Although I wanted my son to learn the essential vocabulary in each subject, we decided that the sciences, math, and social science should be taught in English.   This was due to three factors.  The first being that I feared eventually I may run into shortcomings with my own linguistic abilities.  Second it was just too heavy of a curriculum, especially on our son.  Thirdly we felt that the higher in education one goes,  you will find most modern educational materials are in English, and we did not want our children to have to deal with any transitional phases form one langauge to another in the middle of a subject.

After discussing these obstacles we came to the conclusion that some subjects would be taught soley in arabic and others soley in english,  and our subjects are divided as follows.   What Dad teaches is colored in Blue, what Mom Teaches in Red, and what we share in black.  Sometimes we’ll cover for each other, especially if the kids have gotten the best of the other, but for the most part this is what we stick to.

Arabic                                                   English
Reading                                                Reading   
Writing                                                 Writing
Islamic Studies                                    Animal Biology
Plant Biology
                                                   Human Anatomy
God willing in future posts I hope to elaborate, with the help of my wife, on how we based our curriculum for each subject, be it from standard homeschool curriculum textbooks, or self developed programs, and our experiences with each of them.