Thursday, November 17, 2011

Celebrating Success

This small piece is just a reminder to all of us that our children are awesome, and that along the way we need to encourage them and reward them for their successes, large or small.  Today was a great day for Abdurahman.  He completed another book in his English reading series, but more importantly he finishedالقاعدة البغدادية  (which is the best book I’ve seen for teaching your child to read Arabic). It’s been a long journey with ups and downs, with plenty of mistakes on my part, but he finally arrived today at the finish line, and first place in my heart.  I wish I could have given him more, but his reward was a massive ice cream sundae, some high fives, cheering, and a big hug.  A small token for a big success. 

Sometimes I think we’re looking forward to these major milestones, when such great accomplishments only stand on the shoulders of thousands of small ones.  The consistent effort of our children on a daily basis is deserving of much gratitude.  The Prophet peace be upon him said it best in that, “The most beloved action to Allah are the most consistent, even if it were little”.   These little deeds should be massive in our eyes, as they are the foundation of their intellectual development.  Therefore our love, encouragement, and happiness should be expressed towards them accordingly.  May Allah preserve our children and benefit the Muslims through them.

What do you do to show gratitude for your child’s successes in their studies?  Please share with your ideas, suggestions, and comments.