Monday, November 21, 2011

Bedtime Stories

Reading with our sons before they go to bed has become a special time each day for our familiy.  Sometimes we all sit down together with hot drinks and sweets, wrapped up in blankets, and venture into a different world.  We just recently bought 13 books out of this series, and are using them for bedtime stories. The series is called Classic Starts from Sterling Publishing and is based on rewritten novels of classic English literature.  We are currently reading Last of the Mohicans, and found the series is living up to it's description, so we thought we'd share the idea.  

With Classic Starts, young readers can experience the wonder of timeless stories from an early age. Abridged for easier reading and carefully rewritten, each classic novel is filled with all the magic and excitement that made the origional story a beloved favorite.
Please share with us your suggestions for reading material for bedtime stories, or how you make the event special for your children to enjoy.